About Sun Resorts Agent Loyalty Programme

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Join the Sun Resorts Agent Loyalty Programme and earn up to £100 for Bookings to Kanuhura

Bookings travelling between 1st May and 30th Sep 2018 will earn you £100

Bookings throughout the rest of the year will earn you £25

PLUS the Top Sun Resorts Agent every month wins £50 

Log your bookings before the end of the month to qualify!

T&Cs for Top Sun Resorts Agents:

Applicable to bookings from 1st February to 28th February 2018

Travel dates from 1st February 2018 until 1st February 2019

Minimum Length of Stay: 7 nights

Applicable to new bookings only

Cash Award can only be claimed once per booking

​All bookings must be logged by the last day of the month to qualify for that months prize

T&Cs for Kanuhura Incentive

Bookings travelling between 1st May and 30th Sep 2018 will earn you £100

​Applicable to bookings taken from 6th Feb- 31st March 2018

Bookings throughout the rest of the year will earn you £25


Min Stay 5 nights
Applicable to new bookings only
Cash award can only be claimed once per booking

​Sun Resorts reserves the right to withdraw these incentives at anytime


Programme Products

  • Add a BookingAmbre
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  • Add a BookingKanuhura, Maldives
    Kanuhura - Your Unfettered Paradise Kanuhura not only crystallises idyllic Maldives; its sublimates the castaway experience beyond its exclusive Sea-moored and secules nature-haven villas. Reopened in 2016, after full renovations, the luxury lifestyle resort conveys unique laid-back island living for the wildhearted and free spirited contemporain traveller. With its all surrounding white sandy beach, the tropical island resort is complete with two additional private hideaway gems: Jehunuhura & Masleggihura islands, for the ultimate luxury escape holiday. In the tropical climate of the Maldives, you will be the special guest at the resort’s own private island, the small, wild paradise of Jehunuhura. To fully enjoy your dream holiday in Maldives, Kanuhura also offers a true gastronomic experience through the expertise of its bold Head Chefs in 5 restaurants scattered across the resort
  • Add a BookingLa Pirogue Resort & Spa
    La Pirogue Resort & Spa - Your authentic resort The unrivalled charm of its cosy and unique thatch-roofed bungalows in a lush coconut grove on the flamboyant sunset coast, La Pirogue weaves privacy into an intimate nest. Here, guests revel in the exquisite feeling of stepping from one’s very own island home straight into the gardens and onto an endless beach and vast lagoon. The resort’s vast expanse offers sheer luxury of space to lovebirds, seasoned couples on a romantic escapade to rekindle the flame, families as well as full-fledged tribes for an affectionate bonding time.
  • Add a BookingLong Beach
    Long Beach Golf & Spa Resort, Mauritius - Your lifestyle resort for active relaxation Enjoying an expansive beach along the lively eastern coast, Long Beach Mauritius challenges the ordinary with its distinctively bold, island chic, vibrant offer. Committed to high-spirited families seeking energy and excitement, Long Beach offers endless possibilities to unwind and reenergise – from a climbing wall to swimming pools, quiet spaces and a nature and sea-inspired spa. For children and teens, Long Beach offers dedicated programmes designed to match a variety of engaging and exuberant activities with your child’s vivacity.
  • Add a BookingSugar Beach Resort & Spa
    Welcome to Sugar Beach Golf & Spa Resort, Mauritius Your plantation-style resort The Sugar Beach Resort & Spa unfurls along an exceptional stretch of beach and lagoon on the sun-drenched west coast. Steeped in time-honoured traditions, lifestyle here is infused with tasteful elegance whilst ensuring ultimate current-day comforts and conveniences. Gastronomy is open to the world’s cuisines, celebrating fresh seafood and local delicacies. Come sunset, social scenes radiate with warmth and pick up effervescence into the night.
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